My pains for women

On Women

I think we guys should stop giving woman Queenly treatment for being useless.
It is not helping either of the sexes.
And if you continue to do this, you are just another idiot.

A woman will stay years, seeing your activities and will never say hi or pick her phone up to call you and when you go out of your way to check on her, she will ask why you dumped her or worst still, ignore you.

Excuse me!
Is it men’s duty to always check on women?
And by checking on you, what will you offer?
How does checking on you improve my life?

Some guys even get so stupid that on these sort of women’s birthday, they post their pictures and praise them with all sort of undeserving ecomium.

Why are you contributing to making women useless?
Is it for the hope of sex, which they might never even give you?
One day, if you become wise in this matter, you will realize these women are not worth your efforts.

For me, I am now wise.
I won’t praise any woman or even write for her, except she has made a lot of impact in my life.
Why should I celebrate you for being useless, just because you are a woman?

If I must take out of my expensive time to celebrate you, then you must deserve it and if you stay on my list long enough and refuse to initiate chat except I do it always, it will get to a time that I will delete you.

My time is too expensive now to waste it on people who contribute nothing to my life or even value mine.

Yours Sincerely,
Soul’e Rhymez

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